The Wairarapa Awards is THE opportunity for outstanding local businesses, from start-ups to long-established, to share their stories, celebrate success, and gain recognition.


Powered by Business Wairarapa in collaboration with Spark Business Hub Wairarapa, the Awards shine a light on the businesses, organisations, and people making remarkable contributions across our region.



What will the Judges be looking for?

Judges seek standout businesses or organisations, not just those with a polished image. A standout entity might:

  • Reach a critical mass
  • Achieve significant goals
  • Become profitable or grow substantially
  • Expand nationally or internationally
  • Receive industry or personal recognition
  • Make contributions to the growth and well-being of Wairarapa.

What is the Judging process?

The judging process involves four independent judges who meticulously review all entries. This process is facilitated by an anonymous convener, ensuring objectivity and fairness. Each entry is carefully evaluated based on specific category criteria to identify the standout businesses and organisations. The judges collectively discuss and deliberate on each submission to select the finalists.

  • The judges’ identities are kept confidential to ensure objectivity.
  • Business Wairarapa, local business associations, Destination Wairarapa, and The Wairarapa Awards team do not participate in judging.
  • Judges do not conduct visits, interviews, or receive presentations.
  • Entries may be moved to more suitable categories at judges’ discretion.
  • Finalists appear in only one category.
  • Wairarapa finalists in the 2024 Wellington Gold Awards are automatically entered into the Wairarapa Awards and judged alongside other 2024 entrants.

What should I include in my entry?

To demonstrate why your business or organisation stands out, consider these key questions:

  1. Unique Point of Difference: What sets you apart from others?
  2. Mission and Impact: Is your mission clear and impactful? Will the judges understand your goals and why they matter?
  3. Structure and Alignment: Are your products, services, or programs aligned with your mission? Provide examples to illustrate this alignment.
  4. Strategic Plan: What are your goals and priorities? How do you measure success? Show evidence of your achievements.
  5. Impact Measurement: Can you see and measure the impact of your mission? Provide clear metrics for the judges to understand.

What about financial information?

While detailed financial information is not required, it is helpful to support your answers with key markers such as:

  • Profit
  • Growth
  • Number of employees
  • Production figures
  • Sales
  • Return on capital investment
  • Staff and customer satisfaction metrics
  • Philanthropy, donations, or community support

Including these elements in your entry will provide a comprehensive picture of your business or organisation’s standout qualities.


  • 19 August – Entries are now OPEN and close 5.00 pm Monday, 19 August 2024.
  • 12 September – The Trust House Finalist Reveal with take place Thursday, 12 September, at Copthorne Solway Park.
  • 14 November – The Grand Finale Gala Dinner will be held at Matahiwi Estate on Thursday, 14 November, with Hilary Barry as Master of Ceremonies.

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