Printcraft + Hive Design

Business Wairarapa is very proud to be Partnering up with Printcraft + Design Hive.

About Printcraft:

When Lance Johnson took over the business, Printcrafts’ focus was on print and finishing.  Since then, Printcraft has evolved into a business providing a multitude of services, from the conceptual graphic design stage to marketing support.

With a team of highly motivated professionals, Printcraft is leading the way, supporting businesses, councils and other organisations throughout and beyond the Wairarapa region.

Fight on Plastic:

We are big supporters of their latest venture – Fight on Plastic!  They’d like to help you make the switch from plastic to an environmentally friendly material, from renewable resources, giving your product a better look and your business a better image.

By taking a proactive approach and working on solutions, rather than ignoring or avoiding the problem. Printcraft would like to help solve some of the hurdles in front of companies who want to change.  They want to give businesses the opportunity to join the movement by giving them innovative, realistic options to help them move from plastic to alternative packaging.

Everyone who takes part in their campaign, will automatically appear in their progress reports, in print, web & social media.

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