UCOL Scholarship applications closing soon!

Applications for the Level 5 New Zealand Diploma in Business studies at UCOL close on the 18th of December 2020, though the course doesn’t start until the 22nd of February.

Once you are enrolled, you DO have the option to withdraw should you decide the course isn’t quite right for you so Apply Now and think about it later (what have you got to lose?)

This course is approximately an $8000 value and by being a Member of the Chamber of Commerce, you have access to this course that can be completed either as Full or Part time and will bring insight into the Business world.

The first four core papers focus on the operations of a business –

  • Business Environment (legislation, policy, culture etc.)
  • Business Functions (including accounting principles, operations, HR, sales and marketing)
  • Organisations in a New Zealand context (stakeholders, communications, ethical behaviors)
  • Understanding Change (innovation, sustainability, attitudes, problem solving and decision making)

Following these four papers, the course then has a more directed focus – either into Accounting (not yet available at the Wairarapa campus) or Leadership and Management.

This Diploma is aimed at upskilling office managers, supervisors and those who sit in the ‘middle management’ tier, ideally with a handful of staff directly reporting to them and will help them to gain skills in leadership, management, finances, business acumen, creating a great company culture, improving productivity and so much more!

For the employees who undergo this training, they will have increased employment prospects, increase of earning capacity, be more efficient and have the chance to “do something their future self will thank them for”.