Business Wairarapa Strategy – 2019

The 2018-19 Business Wairarapa Strategy was drafted with input from the Board, as well as existing and past members and local businesses.
Guiding our organisation for the next year, the strategy falls out of our vision statement: Where your business belongs
Our mission is to represent every Wairarapa business, providing leadership, creating opportunities and sharing ideas through the principles of link, collaborate and influence.
This year, our strategy has a number of key objectives that support the implementation of the new Wairarapa Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan and reflects our move towards being a more culturally responsive organisation.
We are proud to be able to share the strategy and invite feedback and discussion regarding how Business Wairarapa can support you in your own business activities.
Please feel free to download your own copy of the strategy using the button below.  If you have any problem opening the document on screen, please get back in touch.  We recognise your interest in saving paper and toner!
Business Wairarapa Strategy 2018 – 2019