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Paulownia Estate

Member number: 6567
Renewal date: 1st May, 2022

Phone: 06 370 1170

Website: https://www.paulowniawines.co.nz/

Business Categories: Wineries, Cafes & Restaurants


About Paulownia

Prior to creating Paulownia Estate Vaughan and Christine were living and working full time in Wellington. Vaughan, a pilot in the RNZAF and working at Defence HQ and Christine was managing a rest home. Every moment of their spare time was spent preparing the property for planting.

Following those first plantings in 1998, the grapes did well and the Paul family became contract growers for local wineries. During this time they also produced small amounts of wine for their own Paulownia Estate label. But the credit crisis of 2008 altered the course of Paulownia Estate. “We could have gone on with our vineyard like this for years,” Vaughan explains, “But the change in the economic climate hit us and we were forced to re-think our original goals.”

“Essentially, our future as contract growers was uncertain and our survival was dependent on making and marketing our own Paulownia Estate wines. And, we had to ensure that the quality of our wines would stand up well against other Wairarapa vintages.”