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Breadcraft Wairarapa Ltd

Member number: 6477
Renewal date: 7th January, 2022

Phone: 63700260

Website: https://breadcraft.co.nz/

Business Categories: Food, Beverage & Growers


Breadcraft was founded in 1942 by Harold Cockburn who ran the business until 1970 when he handed it over to his son Bob. In 2003, John and Julie-Anne Cockburn, along with Peter Rewi headed up Breadcraft, before Peter retired in 2018.

The next generation is already primed. Mitch, who is John and Julie-Anne’s oldest son, will be completing his bakery apprenticeship ready to take over the family firm when the time comes. Their daughter, Siena, is still in high school, but we think there’s a fair chance she’ll be following in the family footsteps.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/breadcraftwairarapa