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Gawith Burridge

Member number: 6510
Renewal date: 11th January, 2021

Phone: 63700000

Website: https://www.gawith.co.nz/

Business Categories: Lawyers/Legal


Gawith Burridge traces its history back to 1875 when Charles Gawith first set up his practice.

Since then the firm has undergone many changes, including a merger between Gawith & Co and Burridge & Co in 1998 to form our current practice.

Today we are a firm of 38 staff, with 4 partners, who come from all walks of life.

Our firm draws on the breadth of expertise available from some of the region’s most senior legal practitioners, as well as the skills of those who have moved here from larger corporate environments.

As a result, we provide clients with a comprehensive range of legal services right here in the Wairarapa.

We can provide you with legal assistance whether you are an individual or a company, with everything from setting up a Will to selling your farming business. Further, because of our membership in the nationwide NZ Law Group, we can access specialist legal advice as and when required.