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2022 By Design Part 2 – with Dr. Georgi Toma

20 Jan | 2:00 pm 3:00 pm

Which of these rings true for you?

  • You feel like you’re working harder but not achieving much
  • You feel your energy is low and, even though you’d like to do more, you can’t
  • You’ve been on the edge of burnout for a while now
  • Things feel harder than they should be
  • You’d like to be your best self at home and at work but you don’t have the energy for it

In 2022 by Design, you’ll discover a life design process to create a good year, pandemic or not. This is a practical training underpinned by research. No fluff. We’re all too busy to waste our time.

In Part 1. Clarity – you define what you want 2022 to be like. You become crystal clear on what is essential for your success and your wellbeing. And what is not. 18th January at 2pm NZT

In Part 2. Ease – you discover a process of execution that is effortless. You learn how to be a high achiever and maintain your mental and physical wellbeing. Because without it, you’re no good to anyone else, or to yourself. 20th January at 2pm NZT, 12pm