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Planalytics provide research, policy, engagement and monitoring services to inform decision-making in the urban and community development sectors. We work extensively with central and local government, the building and construction industry, iwi groups, research institutes, registered charities and non-government organisations. We have a strong, community-based approach to our work and stakeholder relations, and provide quality outputs across the following four service streams.


Completion of large and small scale research projects on specific topics. This provides a strong evidence base to inform policy or project development and enable effective analysis and decision-making.


Development of national and local level policy frameworks. This includes urban and resource management policy, operational policy, and benchmarking of specific policy topics or frameworks.


Effective stakeholder management and outreach. Delivery of engaging workshops and webinars to share knowledge, aid relationship-building, and achieve shared outcomes.


Development of monitoring plans and indicators to track trends over time. This enables understanding of the scale of impact of policy or project interventions, against the status quo.

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