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Funding and Grants

There is a variety of public funding available to New Zealand businesses through;

The Foundation for Research, Science and Technology (FRST)

The Foundation for Research, Science and Technology mission is to” actively grow value for New Zealand by investing for results from research and development”. The foundation invests close to $500 million a year in science and technology research on behalf of the New Zealand Government, seeking benefits to New Zealand's economy, environment and society.

For more information on funding availability and the funding process, click here.

TechNZ is the business investment programme designed to support companies and people undertaking research and development projects that result in new products, processes or services.
For more information on this programme, click here.

New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (NZTE)

Export Market Development, Beachheads

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise's (NZTE) Beachheads Programme gives high growth-potential companies faster access to better international networks. The programme is designed around a partnership between NZTE and successful executives who are willing to share their experience, skills and business networks

International Growth Fund

The International Growth Fund is part of a suite of tailored programmes and services that New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) develops for the businesses it works most closely with. NZTE will develop a plan for an appropriate package of services to help these businesses grow. The plan will also outline the expected economic benefits for New Zealand that will result from NZTE support for the business and may identify activities that could be eligible for funding from the International Growth Fund. The fund may be able to support activities that help the businesses NZTE are working closely with to improve their:

• Knowledge and development of new markets.
• Business and management capability.
• Ability to innovate and manage the commercialisation of research and development.
• Ability to access finance to fund international opportunities.

Investments from the fund will be made only if the funded activity is additional to business-as-usual activities and has the potential to deliver benefits New Zealand’s wider economy as well as the business.

NZTE will carry out a pre-assessment to determine eligibility before inviting a business to participate. If invited to participate, NZTE will work with the business to gather sufficient information at the right level of detail to allow the preparation of an internal business case for NZTE funding.

For other funding options go to

Lotteries (Lotteries)

The New Zealand Lottery Grants Board was set up by Parliament to distribute the proceeds of state lotteries to the New Zealand community. Lottery Grants are available for different types of projects and services. Each stream of funding is managed by a separate committee made up of individuals from the community with specialist skills and knowledge.

Click here for more information about Lottery Grants.


There are a variety of Trusts that operate to distribute funds to community organisations, including: 

Trust House Community Enterprise
Trust House is a community owned enterprise dedicated to returning support to our communities. Grants are given to organisations that add colour and depth to the quality of community life.
The Trustees are committed to providing funds to as wide a community base as is possible within the communities in which we have an association.

Click here for more information on Trust House.

The Eastern & Central Community Trust
The Eastern and Central Community Trust regularly donates money to community groups within its area; donations amount to around $5 million per annum. The aim is to help community groups achieve outcomes that they believe will make their communities a better place for all who live there.

Click here for more information on this Trust.

Business Funding   
The Government has funding available to help New Zealand businesses grow and innovate.  Currently the key funding programmes are:
  • Capital Raising Advise and Assistance
  • Developing New High Technology Products, Services and Processes
  • Energy Efficiency, Energy Audits
  • International Market Development for High Growth Companies
  • Primary Sector Innovation
  • Research and Development
  • Sustainable Farming
  • Technology Experts and Advisors

To learn more about business funding schemes visit the website

When applying for business funding a business case to support your proposal is required.  For help preparing business grant applications and proposals call 09 817 7460 or email

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