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Computer, Telecommunication & Tech Services

Within the Wairarapa there are many locally owned businesses that provide services from Technical Support, Computer Sales & Support, Broadband infrastructure and Internet Service Providers.

The Wairarapa is fortunate to have many computer and technology services based in each of our towns and can provide all services from hardware problems to registering web domain names. We also have our own locally-owned broadband wireless provider, WIZBIZ - when you need speed!  WIZwireless Limited has a wireless broadband network which covers most of the Wairarapa and parts of Tararua and provides a variety of wireless broadband options and monthly data plans.

National Providers:

Telecom has committed to adding DSLAM connectors in cabinets which serve more than 500 subscribers (so will cover each of the towns in our region) and this is to be done by 2013 when the analogue system is closed. They are currently upgrading their fibre backhaul between their cabinets for their own users. Several other ISPs resell this service like Orcon and Slingshot.  Vodafone has good coverage in the towns and has made a commitment to extend its rural 3G technology by April 2010.  Satellite technology is available, but due to our hilly terrain has limited coverage especially the Farmside satellite as they need 12-degree views to the NW horizon. WorldxChange VoIP provide a voice service independent of the copper phone line and you will get either a Palmerston North number or a Wellington phone number.

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