The Wairarapa Chamber of Commerce, supporting the local business community

Why Do Top Performing Businesses
Join The Wairarapa Chamber Of Commerce?

Having personally worked with high-flying business owners, small business owners, salespeople and self-employed professionals in the Wairarapa over the past 5 years, I think I have a pretty good understanding of why chamber membership works so well for business owners, and why you might want to be connected. There are 14 reasons:

1. Grow their business
2. Being Motivated
3. Collaboration
4. Having a strong voice
5. Information
6. Networking
7. Opportunities
8. Mentoring
9. Business Planning Support
10. Focus
11. A HUB for like minded business people
12. Training opportunities
13. Fantastic & fun events
14. Member Benefits

Different people have different needs at different times in their lives, but we find most business owners share all 14 of these to varying degrees.

#1 They want to grow up

You see once you plug into this highly active business community you are instantly connected to potential buyers, clients, distributors and potential partners who can buy sell and recommend your products and services.


Your not a Member yet!

#2 Motivation

The Wairarapa Chamber is all about knowing where you want to go, what you can offer and who you should be connect with. Great businesses are built on trust and knowledge; People are genuinely interested! BUT they need to meet you first though! Being in business can be the best and worst experience in the world.

We all have bad days; some more than others, don’t get too caught up in the negative! The Wairarapa Chamber of Commerce is a place to come in and get perspective here to give you people to talk to and to listen.

#3 Collaboration

Frequently, through our members and our knowledge of the area and the partners we have on board we are able to offer opportunities that ensure the right businesses get approached and connected - we get businesses working together.

#4 A Voice

Most importantly we offer a voice for business! The more members we have the louder our voice becomes both locally and nationally!

By supporting each other and maintaining a positive attitude we believe the Wairarapa can become ‘the’ place to do business – this is ultimately our goal!

#5 Business Information
#6 Great Networking
#7 Opportunities
#8 Mentoring
#9 Business Planning Support
#10 Focus
#11 A HUB for like minded business people
#12 Training opportunities
#13 Fantastic & fun events

If you’re still sitting there relaxing, taking it in, thinking ‘what more do I actually get!’

And the above isn’t enough, sit up, take notice and read on because there is more

#14 Member Benefits

  • When you have joined you receive a letter welcoming you on board. Enclosed with the letter will be;
  • • Your membership card – which can be used to receive member to member discounts 
  • •  advertising vouchers for your business.
    •  advertising to give away to a charity of your choice.
  • National Sponsor discounts such as ZEnergy, Vodafone and OfficeMax
  • So not only do we assist with your marketing budget we give your business the opportunity to help others in our community.

    • A Member to Member discount offer page, so that your business can offer other members discounts. This is a great way to work together and ensure Wairarapa money is spent in Wairarapa.

    • A free web page on the Wairarapa Chamber of Commerce Website . This is your businesses page and will hold images and information about you! You have complete access to your own page and can update as you wish. There is also a contact page for your business and any leads from the Wairarapa Chamber of Commerce website come directly to your business.

Next Steps

1. Decide you want to work smarter not harder.
2. Call Steph on (06) 370 9208 or email and make a time to discuss how you can benefit from joining the chamber.

I'm ready! I’m ready! Where do I sign!

Let me sign! I wanna sign!!!

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